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    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance


    QEHS Policy:

    Technology Leader, Quality First

    Safety Critical, Healthyand Pleasing

    Care aboutEnvironment, Comply with Laws

    Prevention-oriented, Sustainable Development

    Quality Assurance:

    Yangling Metron New Material Inc. takes productquality as the footstoneof the company's existence and development. In July 2016, the company obtained the ISO9001 certification of the national quality management system successfully. The company advocates the concept of technology leader and quality first, pursuing the ultimate in product quality and adopting various means to ensure and improve product quality. We established R&D department and technology management department; Through the cooperation with domestic scientific institutions, universities and introducing Japanese technology, we established laboratories of diamond wire technology, advanced diamond wire cutting research, physicochemical room and equipment optimizations.With the advanced technology we ensure that the quality requirements and testing standards are maintained from the initial step. The company has set up an independent quality management department with more than 240 professionals of IQC, PQC, OQC, QA and QE,and equip the team with online monitoring, scanning electron microscope, Malvern particle size analyzer, diamond wire appearance analyzer, mechanical performance tester, etc. We have realized the whole process quality control from procurement of raw materials  tofinished products, and the product quality hasreached the leading position in the industry.